Marie AyresMcTimoney Chiropractor in north London and Cardiff, also specialising in Emmett Technique and Hanna Somatic Education

What to expect during a visit to one of my clinics

I use only my hands to locate and gently manipulate the bones and joints of the spine, pelvis, cranium and extremities using light, fast, dexterous adjustments. To facilitate this, I may ask you to remove some clothing, so please wear underwear you feel comfortable in. If you'd like to bring or wear a pair of soft cotton shorts, leggings or joggers, that's fine.

I use Emmett technique in combination as appropriate. You are always in a neutral position, either sitting, standing or lying down. I make you as comfortable as possible and some people become so relaxed they even fall asleep.

During your initial consultation, I will ask you questions about your health, your lifestyle and the reasons for your visit. This enables me to tailor a treatment plan for you and to assess the best way to proceed with treatment. Before I can do this I must have your consent to my privacy policy, which you can read HERE

I guarantee honesty during your visit and I will refer you to an alternative practitioner or consultant when appropriate, to ensure you are getting the very best care. Very occasionally, I refer patients for an xray or MRI, if required.

For fees and directions to the clinic in LONDON, please click HERE

For fees and directions to the clinic in CARDIFF, please click HERE

How many sessions will I need?

The number of follow up sessions required differs for each person, but three to six is about average. Maintenance sessions are recommended - again the duration between sessions varys, but I advise most people to attend every three months to maintain the progress achieved from prior sessions. However, you are under no obligation. Some people prefer to book when they feel they need to. After a while, you will find the frequency that works for you.

Can I claim on my health insurance policy?

Most health insurance policies include chiropractic treatment in their list of benefits. You may be able to claim the cost of your treatment. Please check with your provider for details.

Please note, I am not registered with Bupa or AXA PPP.

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