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Face-to-face and remote telehealth appointments are available


"Marie is nothing short of amazing. Thanks to her I am no longer taking a heavy mix of painkillers and living in a drug fog. A once a month treatment enables me to be active and I no longer suffer insomnia from pain. Marie is a lovely person who cares about her patients and will go above and beyond in helping them. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Pain is an inevitable consequence of being human, but your experience of pain is unique. I am here to help you onto the right path to find your way back to living a healthy and active life. We will work together to find out what is contributing to your pain, and you will learn what you can do to help yourself. With the right tools, there is a lot you can do to lessen the impact of pain on your life, now and in the future.

Some people just need a nudge in the right direction with a couple of sessions chiropractic treatment before they go it alone. Others may be on a longer journey and want someone to go the distance with them while they learn the skills they need to manage by themselves - everyone is different.

I have been a practising chiropractor since 2008. In addition to chiropractic treatment, I teach somatic movement and use psychology based techniques for the reduction of pain. Each is a stand alone option, or can be integrated into a comprehensive self-management programme for the relief of chronic pain conditions and recurring back pain.

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What can you expect?

"This lady is fantastic. Hurt my back badly, could barely stand straight. She sorted it out and could always relieve the tension in my neck. Highly recommend Marie Ayres."

Firstly I will want to rule out anything serious. Don't worry - even though it can be excruciating, less than 5% of back pain and other musculoskeletal pain is serious, so it's very unlikely there will be any cause for concern. Once I feel sure it's ok to proceed, I'm likely to recommend a brief course of treatment, along with a personalised plan to address your pain in the short term and manage it in the long term. This personalisation is important, because the factors that influence pain vary with each person. I will work with you to find out what is contributing to your pain and teach you what you can do yourself to modify the pain. The duration of your plan will depend on you, your goals and preferences.

What does a treatment involve?

"Since seeing Marie just twice about lower back pain and a 'tennis elbow'...both issues are now no longer troublesome and full range of movement/strength has been restored. Marie is kind and attentive and explains everything she is doing. She has magical hands and I would recommend her to anyone with musculoskeletal problems."

The chiropractic treatment I provide focuses on easing pain and discomfort, often with results from your very first session. I use only my hands to locate and gently manipulate the bones and joints of the spine, pelvis, cranium and extremities using light, swift, dexterous adjustments. McTimoney chiropractic works within the normal range of motion of your joints, meaning there is no audible cracking or popping sound associated with some other techniques. You are always in a neutral position, either sitting, standing or lying down. In addition to McTimoney Chiropractic, I weave Emmett Technique into the treatment to facilitate the adjustments. I make you as comfortable as possible and some people become so relaxed they even drift off to sleep.

"You were absolutely invaluable in getting me through my pregnancy. I had pelvic girdle pain from around 16 weeks and was really beginning to struggle with the discomfort. Your expert touch definitely got me through the pregnancy without needing crutches, or becoming a lot more immobile. I still benefit from the occasional visit to you, but you worked your magic brilliantly!! Thank you..."

Need a bit more info?

If you are considering seeking a short or long term solution for pain or mobility issues and would like to discuss this with me, simply get in touch by phone, text, or email if you prefer.

Ready to book now? Please read the COVID-19 PATIENT INFORMATION prior to booking.


My practice is based in a peaceful clinic in central location in Angel Islington, north London. Evening appointments are available on request.

The Islington practice is in Prebend Street, N1 8PT. It's is close to Angel underground and Essex Road overground stations. Full details are provided when booking.

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Apart from the clinic in north London, I also maintain my practices in Cardiff and Marlborough.
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Here's an introduction to the techniques - all of them are gentle, none of them are forceful. It's my belief that the body responds to gentleness and this is my working philosophy. Less is more!


John McTimoney began teaching his unique approach to chiropractic in 1972. It is concerned with the integrity of the skeletal system and its relationship to the muscular and nervous systems. Using the bones as little levers to gently manipulate the joints, McTimoney chiropractic adjustments are light and swift. Done entirely by hand, the practitioner uses very little force, which makes this soothing and restorative treatment comfortable to receive.

Chiropractic is commonly considered to be a valid treatment for low back pain and sciatica, as well as mechanical neck pain. However, it is also proven to be effective in the treatment of a wide range of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders.

Should you be suffering with a shoulder condition, including rotator cuff injury and soft tissue disorders, chiropractic can be considered an appropriate choice for you.

It can also provide relief from headaches that arise from the neck and is helpful in the prevention of migraine.

Chiropractic is beneficial for people experiencing pain and stiffness in their joints, and may be used to complement the core treatment of hip and knee pain from osteoarthritis, in conjunction with exercise.

You don't have to be in pain to benefit from seeing a McTimoney chiropractor - the treatment also supports those striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Chiropractors can help with minor sports injuries and tensions, and the treatment is also good for those who suffer from muscular tension and an inability to relax.


Somatic Movement Education teaches you simple self care exercises that you can do at home as a regular practice, or when you feel you need to. It can help you manage pain and stiffness between treatments, giving you more control over your symptoms.

Thomas Hanna developed his purely physical approach to somatic education, also known as Hanna Somatics, into simple movements. In this context, somatic means the sense of connection between one's conscious awareness and their physical body - or more simply, your experience of being in your body.

Thomas Hanna believed the physical deterioration we experience as we advance in years was not the result of ageing, but the body's learned responses to stress and our modern lifestyles. The movements are not intended to strengthen or stretch, but to reverse the patterns of chronic tension that develop and persist in response to the emotional and physical challenges we face over the course of our lives.

Somatic Movement is suitable for everyone, regardless of age or fitness. Benefits include stress relief, a feeling of well-being and a sense of freedom of movement. Whether your aim is to move with ease throughout your daily activities, enhance your yoga practice, or your performance in more vigorous pursuits, practising Somatic Movement can help you.

What does an online session involve?

Somatic movement is similar to yoga or pilates in that they are done lying, sitting or standing. No special equipment is required, except a device with a webcam. After booking an email will land in your inbox with a link. At the appointment time you click on the link and the video link will open - no need to sign up or sign in. The session begins with a body scan so you can identify areas of tension. We then move slowly through two to four somatic movement exercises, checking in with the body scan to notice any changes. I talk you through them and you can also watch me demonstrate - you learn by listening, seeing and doing.


As if the world needed another three letter acronym, WFH has entered our language and it's here to stay. If you need to catch up, WFH stands for working from home. Although WFH has many advantages - easy commute from bed to kitchen/dining table, casual dress day every day, spending more time with your beloved pet, etc - our backs and necks may be feeling the strain. Finding a comfortable posture becomes impossible and as the day wears on, you become more focused on pain and stiffness than on work. If you want to find a way to sit with ease at your desk/table/breakfast bar and establish a more sustainable WFH routine, then an online workstation assessment is for you.

What is involved?

We connect online with you in your normal WFH position with your PC or device. I assess where you might be going wrong and suggest some ideas to get you into a more comfortable position. Then I teach you a few somatic movement exercises you can do right there at your workstation to release tension in your neck, shoulder and back muscles so you can focus more clearly and effectively on your work tasks. We can also discuss a few simple cognitive interventions you can employ to stop WFH taking over your life, which is especially useful if, like me, you are working in a small or multipurpose space.


Introduced to the UK by Ross Emmett in 2007, this light muscle release technique aims to restore balance to the musculoskeletal system.

Emmett Technique is performed by applying light pressure to specific points on the body, sometimes combined with a gentle switching action, often producing results that can be immediately observed. It has been designed to be used in combination with other modalities and its gentle mode of application complements McTimoney Chiropractic perfectly.

More details about Ross Emmett and his work can be found on the Emmett Technique UK website HERE.

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